Mail to Thomas Heinrich

Mail to Thomas Heinrich
Thomas Heinrich (aTom)

3D realtime graphics (shader, light, animation, polishing & optimizing), motion graphics, character animation, CG movie & compositing, 2D painting

Ventuz, Softimage, Maya, Max, Photoshop, After Effects, Vue, Zbrush ...

I started back in 1986 producing demos and intros, which eventually evolved into full fletched game productions for the Commodore 64 and Amiga. Then in 1988 I worked as an independent artist and game designer under our label X-ample. Following I studied fine arts at the IBKK for 3 years. 1997 I became partner and lead artist of X-ample Architectures (Büttner GmbH). In 2000 I was trained on the Vicon motion
capture system and worked as an art director at Nikoworld in Hamburg. Since 2002 I am a freelance artist and was cofounder of Glare Studios in 2006, and since 2007 I am a member of the demogroup farbrausch.

Track record:

PC & Console games:
Tunnel B1, Viper, Mission Impossible, Michael Schumacher World Tour Kart 2004, The Conspiracy Project, Skispringen 2006, Ski Alpin 2006, Torino 2006, Bigpoint Icefighter, Bigpoint Fussballmanager, Ski Racing 2007, Winter Sports 2007, Gladiatoren 2, K1 Fighter, Winter Sports 2008, Sacred 2, Summer Athletics, Summer Athletics 2009, Winter Sports 2010, .detuned. ,
Summer Challenge 2010, Gilde 1400, A New Beginning, Eurosport Winter Stars ... 

Cg movies:
Tunnel B1 (Intro & Sequences) Viper (Intro, Sequences & Outro), Mission Impossible (Intro, Sequences & Outro), Michael Schumacher W.T.K. 2004 (Intro), The Conspiracy (Trailer & Movies), Odessa Twins (Teaser & Look of the Game Trailer), Cold as Ice (Musicvideo Teaser), Flodhestepik (Musicvideo), Summer Athletics 2009 (Intro & Trailer), Pirates of Tortuga 2,
Summer Challenge 2010 Intro

Presentation & Exhibit:
Aldar Motorworld (Abu Dhabi), Royal Jet (Abu Dhabi), Microsoft Vista Screensaver (CeBit), Deutsche Bahn Presentation (Doha), Microsoft Windows 7 Cebit 2009 presentation (CeBit), Sheik Zayed Future Energy Award (Dubai), Dubai Green Wolrd Forum, Department of transport (Abu Dhabi), Porsche Panamera Presentation, Mercedes Benz 2009 Exhibitions (E & S Class), Microsoft Cebit 2010, Mercedes F800 Style, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes Benz 2010 CLS, Fifa World Cup 2022 @ Qatar, 125! Jahre Erfinder des Automobils - Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Benz E-Cell, Porsche Panamera S Hybrid, Mercedes Benz - Concept A-CLASS, Audi Dubai, Dior Parfümerie Promotion, The new Porsche 911, Audi Qatar, Porsche Boxter 981, TETRAPAK, Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Toyota Workshop, Toyota Avalon, Sortimo, Audi Q3, Mercedes CLA, Airbus, Mercedes S Class. Mercedes C Class, RTL IP Show, Diehl, Toyota Motorshow 2013

C-64 & Amiga games:
Clystron, Star Force & Mega Star Force, Another World, Parsec, Lethal Zone, The Yawn, Quadrant, Greystorm, Genloc, Eskimo Games, Tales of Boon, Eon, The return of Medusa and much more.

PC demos (farbrausch):
fr-043: rove., fr-063: Magellan

Character by Thomas Heinrich
Artwork by Thomas Heinrich
Artwork by Thomas Heinrich