Project: Gladiatoren 2
Client: Bigpoint
Timeframe: 2007
Team: C. Muetze, U. Meier & T. Heinrich
Tasks: Full character development, character animations, weapons, icons, renderings 

Bigpoint came to us with the wish, to make 3 Characters for their browser game Gladiatoren 2, as well as the animations and several weapons for them, rendered as 2D icons. We also did a couple of high quality renders, for the background of the menu of the game later on. The title image of the game was also created by us. All the images where supposed to have a sepia color feel. During the creation process we needed to make 2 more variations for each figure, which only had been created as ingame 2D sprites for the animations we had made. From running, to dying, to fighting we created over 5000 animation frames in 8 directions for the iso-perspective of the game.

Additional links:
Gladiatoren 2 website

Posted by Thomas Heinrich (27.07.2009)


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